Lawn Restoration


The best way to improve a lawn is to improve the soil it’s growing in. Other than Thatching, all of the following services and materials are geared toward improving your lawns soil.


     Removes plugs of soil from the ground and deposits them on the surface. This loosens up hard soil and provides many benefits including:

1. Water and nutrients can penetrate deeper into the soil.
2. Roots have an easier time growing through soil.
3. Gases from the roots can escape into the air.
4. Deters Moss


      When dead grass, moss, and other organic matter build up on a lawn quicker than it decomposes, a Thatch layer is created. A thick thatch layer smothers the lawn and holds excessive moisture which rots the roots and encourages Moss.

Process: “Thatcher” or “Power Rake” is a motorized raking tool. It rakes the thatch along with Moss from the soil surface. From there we can rake and remove it.

1. Raises Soil Temperature.
2. Encourages Lawns to spread.
3. Shaves Mole Hills and other high spots. The loose soil created can be raked into lower spots further reducing uneven lawns.
4. Scuffing the ground creates a great bed for Lawn Seed.

Over Seeding / Mulch:

      We use a combination of Full Sun, Sun-Shade, and Full Shade mixtures to get the right seed planted into the right conditions. We also cover new seed with a surfactant treated straw mulch. The surfactant breaks down the surface tension of water molecules aiding with more uniform water coverage.


Fertilizer: We use Organic Fertilizers derived from chicken and fish emulsion. It is Odorless and slow releasing. Lawns turn a lush dark green instead of the bright green you get from chemical fertilizers.

Lime: Helps make acidic soils more alkaline or pH neutral.

Top Dressing:

     If you can’t till amendments in the soil, than spread it on top. Add nutrients to the soil along with the ability to smooth out rough lawns. We’ve had great success spreading the following products onto the surface of lawns.

Compost: Use in sunny areas to help hold moisture on your lawn.

Sand: Helps stiffen up soggy areas. Mostly used in shaded areas. Not stable when used to level yards.

Soil Mix: This is the best of both worlds. Most 3 way soils will have compost, sand, and some other filler like bark or screened soil. We prefer a blended soil that uses Compost, Sand, and Chicken Mulch because of the added nutrients. Soil Mixes area also great for level uneven lawns.

Soil Conditioner: