Scheduled Maintenance



Scheduled Maintenance of shrubs.

Scheduled Maintenance



Schedule our Maintenance Crew for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly services.  Scheduled Maintenance includes but is not limited to:  

 Turf Management:

Mowing: Lawns will be kept at the appropriate height for the season.  Large Lawns and Fields are welcomed.

Edging: Lawn edges will be cut to maintain a clean flowing look.

Nutrients: Organic Fertilizer and Lime applications upon request.

Weed Control: Lawn weeds will be spot sprayed.

Bed Management:

Prune: All ground covers and Shrubs under 8ft will be pruned yearly at the appropriate time.  Larger shrubs and trees can be pruned upon request.

Rake Beds: Beds will be raked after each pruning season.

Nutrients: Organic Fertilizers Applied upon request.

Weed Treatment: Weeds in the open beds and hardscapes will be cut and treated.  Weeds in ground covers and around plants will be hand pulled.